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Intolerance Testing


Intolerance testing

This simple non-invasive system uses sensors to test your body for over 3000 different substances. It is great for checking your hormone levels, including stress hormones, food in tolerances, allergies and environmental stresses. It can provide the answer for underlying causes of illness and allow you to find a way forward to positive health.


how it works

Sensors are placed via straps to your wrists and ankles, they pick up your body's electrical output and are fed back via a diagnostic tool to a laptop where the data is analysed. this non-invasive way of working is great for kids as well as grown ups as there are no needles or skin prick testing involved.


How can testing help?

Th information is available at the time so you immediately know what the issues are. A report is also provided after the appointment. Often people think they have a lot of intolerances only to find there is another cause to their health issues. This is often toxicity, trauma and past illness still present in the body. The test can be used as information or you can progress to using another treatment to aid recovery.