Sarah Summers Naturally
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Let me take a moment to introduce myself...

I have studied homeopathy for over 20 years after becoming a patient and experiencing the amazing benefits of homeopathy not just physically but in my personal life also. I am a busy Mum of 2 boys who have both grown up with homeopathy and energy healing and are happy vibrant and sometimes quite noisy children!

I love animals and live with my two cats who I also treat with homeopathy and natural remedies and have had some wonderful animal friends along the way.


Things I love to do are walking in the wonderful sunshine on bright sunny days and crisp winter mornings, getting outside is really important for me. I enjoy a good chat and cups of tea with friends as I draw inspiration from my experiences and interactions for my monthly newsletters and blog...

I studied fine art on leaving school and enjoy drawing in charcoal and painting and also make jewellery in sterling silver and gold with varied media.

I love to practice yoga in regular classes and at home, it brings me a lot of peace and joy and has helped me to overcome anxiety.

Most of all I love playing with my children and spending time with family and loved ones, being the heart of the family is the most fulfilling and important part of my life. Happy days...




Midlands College of Practical Homeopathy

Licentiate of homeopathy training in the practical application of homeopathy designed for the modern world and complex health issues.

 Diploma of Homeopathy

A practical course in homeopathy.

Anatomy and Physiology

An important course which helps with the practical application of homeopathy in complex health issues

diploma clinical nutrition

A post-graduate diploma in practical nutrition.

Pathology and Disease process for Complimentary Therapists.

Invaluable in clinic, this course was very informative.